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Estate planning can make a big difference in the lives of your loved ones when you pass away. When you make the decisions now, it prevents others from having to make those decisions without your input, which often causes arguments within families. Taking the steps to write out your last wishes with a Thousand Palms estate planning lawyer can bring you peace of mind in knowing you won’t leave the burden of dividing your estate on others when you pass.

Bochnewich Law Offices can handle your estate planning needs even if you are unsure of how you wish to proceed. Our estate planning lawyers can help lay out your options and assist you in determining the best route for your situation. We can help establish trusts, write wills, value your assets, or assist with any other needs you have regarding your estate. We are committed to our clients and making the process as easy as possible.

Thousand Palms Probate Lawyer

Reputable Thousand Palms Estate Planning Lawyer

Our experienced team of Thousand Palms probate lawyers is skilled in navigating the probate court and can assist clients in forming a solid plan for their estates. Our services aim to leave no room for intervention by California probate courts. Over the past 20 years, we have had great success in the courtroom, as well as great success staying out of court. We can help you determine what options are best for you and your family and provide quality legal representation in the event it is necessary.

What Are the Pitfalls of Probate?

Probate is often necessary, but many clients do all they can to avoid probate. In the cases where it can be avoided, it is recommended to take the measures necessary to stay out of court. This can potentially prevent the following common pitfalls associated with probate court:

  • Wasted Time – Probate court can take an average of 9 to 18 months to finalize a case. Bigger estates can take even longer, especially when questions arise and outside forces interfere. For instance, if family members disagree on the terms of the will, locating all beneficiaries is difficult, or another unforeseen obstacle occurs, it can significantly draw out the process.
  • Expense – On top of probate fees and court fees, which average around 8% of the estate, attorney fees can quickly surmount when a case gets drawn out over time.
  • Privacy – When an estate is in California probate, everything is exposed to the public. The details of distribution, recipients, and more become public knowledge, eliminating any privacy of affairs.
  • Red Tape – The number of forms necessary to file in probate court can be confusing enough. Probate litigation can make it even more complicated.

If you do end up in probate, hiring a probate lawyer is the quickest way to complete the probate process. An experienced attorney knows the ins and outs of probate litigation. Having a lawyer by your side makes it much simpler and easier to answer the court’s requests.

Who Is the Best Person To Draw Up a Will?

In Thousand Palms, a probate lawyer with expertise in estate planning is the best person to assist in writing a will. Experienced California probate attorneys who know the details of any and all requirements and are able to facilitate a will that can pass through probate filings with ease are your best option for writing a will. Wills that are not properly written have the potential of being rejected by the courts when the time comes to probate them. The consequences of a rejected will can be detrimental to a family that is already grieving over the loss of their loved one.

What Can a Probate Attorney Do?

In addition to providing services that include drawing up a will and a power of attorney, probate attorneys can also assist in paying the expenses, debts, and taxes of the estate, locating the next of kin, challenging any potential probate disputes that might arise, and in providing legal counsel for individuals dealing with the probate court. Furthermore, probate lawyers can represent families in probate litigation.

Probate lawyers can also provide the following:

  • Conservatorship
  • Irrevocable trust
  • Medical directives
  • Asset protection
  • Eldercare
  • Living will
  • Living trust
  • Estate tax planning
  • Civil litigation

What If There Was No Will?

In the case that a loved one passes away without a will, there is a chance the case will go through probate court. Some situations are eligible for a simple transfer of property that can avoid court altogether. In other instances, however, there is no way around it. If the estate is valued at more than $166,250, the court will likely have to preside over the estate to ensure everything is handled fairly and properly prior to distributing the estate. To learn if you qualify for simplified probate proceedings, contact the team at Bochnewich Law Offices. Our firm can answer all your questions and explain your options in a straightforward manner so that you can understand the required legal measures you are facing.

Dedicated Thousand Palms Estate Planning Lawyer

Consulting with an estate planning lawyer in Thousand Palms is the quickest way to resolve probate issues. If you hire a probate lawyer ahead of time, it can greatly decrease the chance of issues arising at all. If documents are drawn up the correct way at the start, there is often little room for interference by the courts. Some cases never require probate, and an experienced probate lawyer can assist individuals in understanding their options for keeping their business out of court.

Skilled Thousand Palm Estate Planning Attorneys

The attorneys at Bochnewich Law Offices have recovered millions of dollars in probate court for their clients and have kept countless cases from even going to probate in the first place. Whether you need assistance with writing a legal and binding will or need help with probate court proceedings, seek a consultation with legal counsel today. Contact our offices to learn more about our services and to find out how we can help you with handling your estate or estate planning.

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