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Client Testimonials

We are proud to serve each and every client with the respect they deserve. Our law office has become one of the leading in the desert because of our expertise, knowledge, and proven results. Read some of the cases and testimonials below to hear how our attorneys helped make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.

“In 2011, our family was grieving the sudden loss of two close family members. While devastating in itself, my mother, who not only had been named executor of both estates but was also the natural recipient and sole remaining heir of one, was then faced with gross and fictitious accusations from family members. Completely blindsided and shocked at these allegations, we didn’t know where to turn. Enter Peter Bochnewich. With Peter’s guidance, we were able to navigate through a very stressful situation. Throughout the process, Peter was always available for questions and prompt with the right answers. At no time did we feel alone in this process. His compassion and experience were invaluable, and we were able to right a terrible wrong. I would highly recommend attorney Peter Bochnewich for your legal needs.”

– Teri B.

“I hired Peter Bochnewich to assist me with a very difficult and complex legal issue that involved a family member. Peter was immediately responsive, and continued to aggressively fight for my interests for the duration of the litigation. We were ultimately successful, and I am grateful for the time and attention he gave to my case. Peter is very, very smart, extremely knowledgeable in his areas of expertise, and more than fair with his time and billable hours. Finally, I have to say that Peter is also an unusual attorney in that he is compassionate and has a sense of what is just and appropriate; he will be honest and forthright with his client, but will absolutely fight to right a perceived injustice. I can’t say enough great things about this attorney.”

– Karen, a litigation client

In 2008, my sister and I were faced with a situation where the executor of our uncle’s estate had used what we believed to be deceitful practices to get my uncle to assign all of his financial holdings in joint accounts with rights of survivorship; he had then kept virtually all of the financial assets of the estate for himself.

Our family lawyer told us that the situation was hopeless, that we could not win a legal challenge and we would only be wasting our money if we tried.

We were almost ready to give up when a lawyer in Palm Desert recommended Peter Bochnewich. We were told that he was one of the most experienced and effective trust and estate litigation attorneys in all of Southern California. After an initial, detailed consultation, Mr. Bochnewich was cautiously optimistic about the possibility of recovering some or all of the estate.

Throughout a long and sometimes difficult legal battle, my sister and I were constantly impressed by the depth of Mr. Bochnewich’s understanding of the law, his energy in applying it, and his intelligent and effective presence in court. We were also deeply appreciative of his warmth toward us and the deeply ethical behavior he exhibited both in and out of court.

In the end, Mr. Bochnewich’s skills were responsible for removing the executor from the estate, and in our receiving a seven-figure judgment. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter Bochnewich to anyone seeking highly skilled legal assistance with estate and inheritance issues.”

– Paul, a lawsuits and disputes client

My experience with Bochnewich Law has been exceptional. From my initial phone conversation with Adam, to my conversation with Peter Bochnewich. I felt like they really wanted to help me and actually listened. Peter was a wealth of information and took the time to talk with me even on the eve of a holiday. Highly recommend.

-Shawn A.

Incredibly helpful. I reached out to Bochnewich Law Offices seeking guidance on how to pursue someone in small claims court in Riverside as I am a New York resident. Unaware of the structure of the court system, Peter was super responsive to my inquiry and informed me that I am able to file a claim online without the assistance of a lawyer by sharing a link with me. Very kind of him to help me and if I needed his services in the future, I will be sure to use this firm.

-Olivia B.

Mr. Bochnewich was a wealth of information. I contacted his office for guidance on a family law matter and he was extremely helpful and generous with his time.

-Paul T.

Peter Bochnewich is an excellent Attorney. Very knowledgeable. He gave me some great advice. I recommend him highly.

-Rhonda E.

Peter and his staff are amazing at what they do, they helped my wife and I through a difficult process and we reached a desired outcome for our matter. Peter is excellent and knowledgeable in his filed of law and answered all our questions/concerns. Peter makes himself available for his clients and responds in a timely manner, we never felt alone through this with Peter and his staff by our side. We are truly thankful for Peter, Luz, Brittany ...i and all who have helped us. I highly recommend Peter if you need help with any probate matters.

-A. Duardo

We found the Bochnewich Law Firm after interviewing several attorneys in the Palm Springs area in late 2020, several months after my brother and I lost our father. The circumstances surrounding our dad’s death, as well as the last few months of his life, didn’t add up and we needed to find out why. There were also major last minute changes to his estate that we knew he would not have made had he been in his right state of mind. We suspected that he had been taken advantage of by his caregivers, but we had no idea where to start.
Peter was open to providing a free 30 minute consultation that actually lasted for almost 2 hours. Very quickly after taking over the case, and digging into the details, it became obvious that our dad, in fact, had been the victim of undue influence by his caregivers; the very caregivers who were hired and paid to take care of him. Peter’s team was able to uncover a plethora of proof to substantiate our claim. Peter and his team were very strategic in their approach while being fiscally sensitive to client costs. They are also top notch in knowing the Probate landscape in Riverside county and beyond!
Our case settled out of court, relatively quickly, for more than what we were seeking, thanks to Peter and his team.

-Chris B.

Although I did not retain his services, his free consultation was informative and very helpful. Would retain in the future.


From my initial contact with Luz and my discussions with Peter, Bochnewich Law Offices has proven to be highly professional, ethical and empathetic!

-James M.

This Law office and staff are extremely professional and have your best interest at heart. TRULY. We highly Recommend this Law group to represent you. They are the BEST!!!

-Aracely T.

-Numerous 5 Star Google Reviews.