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Palm Desert Attorney Assists in Establishing Conservatorships

Obtaining Court Appointments for Those Who Cannot Care for Themselves

The Palm Desert conservatorship attorneys at Bochnewich Law Offices assist families with establishing a conservatorship for someone who cannot take care of his or her own needs. To establish this relationship, the court appoints a responsible person to serve as conservator. Depending on the condition of the individual needing care, the court can establish a general conservatorship, where all decisions are transferred to the conservator, or a more limited arrangement.

Helping Loved Ones to Care for An Incapacitated Adult

When friends or family recognize that an adult can no longer fulfill his own basic needs, we work with them in a variety of ways. We can prepare a petition for the court so that a trusted person is given the authority to perform several functions, including:

  • Arrange for care — Upon appointment, a conservator is charged with ensuring that the everyday needs of the incapacitated person are fulfilled, such as feeding and personal care.

  • Set living arrangements — A person named as conservator is able to direct where the person they are responsible for will reside.

  • Manage financial issues — The conservator is given the power to collect income for the incapacitated person as well as the responsibility to make sure that financial obligations are met.

If you’re considering establishing a conservatorship for someone close to you, Bochnewich Law Offices will take the time to explain each step and let you know what you can expect with the process.

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Advice for Appointing a Guardian for Your Child

Parents of minor children need to state their preference as to guardians for their children in case of their death or incapacity. Courts apply great deference to their wishes, and it is crucial that the proposed guardians are willing and aware of their responsibility. Attorney Peter Bochnewich can ensure that legal problems won’t complicate what would be an already difficult situation. It can also be very helpful to include arrangements to fund the children’s care and education within the will or related document.

Working with Clients to Develop Comprehensive Plans for The Future

No one wants to contemplate a time when they will be unable to make decisions for themselves. That’s why many estate planners stick to financial issues when helping individuals and families plan their future. However, when families are hampered by incomplete planning, the financial and emotional toll can be severe. For this reason, Bochnewich Law Offices offers its clients complete planning for the future to establish a clear line of authority for any contingency. We understand that a will is important not just to maintain wealth, but to maintain a family’s well-being during stressful times.

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