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The purchase or sale of real property, whether residential or commercial, involves numerous contractual expectations that each side to the transaction has a right to see fulfilled in a manner represented in the governing and controlling documents, and the course of the sale transaction.

Bochnewich Law Offices has experience in negotiating and, when necessary, litigating the obligations under purchase and sale agreements, including California Association of Realtors contracts in the following areas with respect to real property transactions:

  • Ownership and title disputes

  • Ownership structures – partnership, limited liability company, percentage disputes, dissolution, participation rights, termination issues

  • Property boundary disputes

  • Lease agreement disputes

  • Easement encumbrance disputes

If you are a party to a real estate transaction in which questions regarding any of the above referenced categories arise, Bochnewich Law Offices can help you. Using the principles of experience, integrity, knowledge and dedication, the attorneys of Bochnewich Law Offices will meet with you to carefully evaluate your matter. All real estate issues in dispute will be carefully defined, and the governing rules and statutes explored and identified so that you are fully aware of exactly what the law is with respect your situation.

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As an informed client, we will then help you assess the facts of your matter in light of the controlling law and decisions of California courts that may have involved situations like yours. From this base of knowledge we can together plan how to address your particular situation. At all times, Bochnewich Law Offices will seek to enforce your rights, and at the same time make sure that you are aware of all of your obligations under the controlling documents.

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As with every endeavor we undertake for any client, it is our goal to be your zealous advocate in any court or alternative dispute resolution proceeding and, at the same time, provide to you wise counsel in private. Integrity also demands that we seek to keep you out of harm’s way of any unreasonable approach to any matter, and not to sugarcoat facts that may not be in your favor. We will meet our obligation to keep you so informed.