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Capacity Issues in Estate Planning — Your Inheritance with Nicholas Van Brunt, Esq.

Bochnewich Jan. 25, 2023

In this episode of Your Inheritance with Peter Bochnewich, we welcome guest Nicholas Van Brunt, Esq., to talk about considerations on capacity issues, mental capacity issues in estate planning, and trust and estate litigation.

Tune in as Peter and Nicholas discuss the capacity to make a will or a trust, what is required, the meaning of “undue influence’ and more.

Read more on this topic: https://www.btrustlaw.com/blog/capacity-issues-in-estate-planning-and-trust-and-estate-litigation/

Nicholas Van Brunt, Esq. is a partner with SheppardMullin, where he focuses on disputes over trusts estates, conservatorships and other fiduciary matters. Nicholas is a respected member of the Los Angeles legal community, and is known as an effective trust and estates litigator. Peter and Nicholas have personally worked together several times on complicated matters.

Learn more about Nicholas Van Brunt:
* Visit his business website: https://www.sheppardmullin.com/nvanbrunt
Connect with Nicholas on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-van-brunt-he-him-7652973

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